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About us: University of Botswana

The University of Botswana was established in 1982 as the first University in Botswana and has to date grown to a complement of 2,417 academic and support staff, 15,671 full-time students and 2,505 part-time students. It is a comprehensive University that includes the Faculties of Business, Education, Engineering and Technology, Health Sciences, Medicine, Humanities, Social Sciences, Science; a School of Graduate Studies; a Centre for Continuing Education; a Centre for Academic Development; a Directorate of Research and Development; and the Okavango Research Institute.

In addition, the University has an associate college, the Botswana College of Agriculture, and a number of affiliated institutions that include six Colleges of Education and eight Institutes of Health Sciences.

University of Botswana has as its mission, the strategic intent of “improving economic and social conditions for the nation while advancing itself as a distinctly African university with a regional and international outlook”.

As a broad-based public institution the University has embedded in its ethos the promise to be “a leading centre of academic excellence in Africa and the world”. It strives to provide excellence in the delivery of learning to ensure that society is provided with talented, creative and confident graduates. Central to its endeavors is to advance knowledge through research and its application. It also seeks to improve economic and social development by high impact engagement with business, the professions, government and civil society.

The University’s Strategic Positioning
The University of Botswana’s key leverage areas are its people, the quality of its students and staff, technology, and the institution’s financial strength. A major physical infrastructure project has rolled out on the main Gaborone campus to consolidate the University development programme. The University is set to position itself strategically as a regional academic ‘hub’ but will differentiate itself as a global player.

It is expected that the successful applicant will ensure that the University is at the forefront of developments in higher education nationally and globally.
The University of Choice, University of Botswana, is always looking for dynamic and innovative individuals with experience and vision to join this distinctively African University with a regional and international outlook, please keep up to date with this page to view new opportunities!
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