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Botswana Innovation Hub


Address:Maranyane House (BITRI), Plot 50654 Machel Drive

About us: Botswana Innovation Hub

About us: Botswana Innovation Hub

What is The Botswana Innovation Hub?

What is The Botswana Innovation Hub

A secure business location in the middle of the emerging African market.

Botswana Innovation Hub was conceived out of the Botswana Excellence Strategy of 2008 which proposed a three-pronged national strategic goal; being economic diversification, job creation, and moving the country towards a knowledge-based economy. Botswana Innovation Hub which is also aligned to the National Vision 2016’s pillar of achieving a prosperous, productive and innovative nation aims to develop advanced Science and Technology innovation capital and activities in the country by attracting innovators, channelling the requisite support services and conditioning the investment climate.

At the centre of this work is the establishment of the country’s first, state-of-the-art Science and Technology Park. Around this world class specialised infrastructure, Botswana Innovation Hub is building opportunities in tenancy, membership, a globally-connected innovation ecosystem, and world-class client services that foster technology entrepreneurship and technology transfer, create knowledge based jobs and attract innovation-led business and investments into Botswana.

The Botswana Innovation Hub Science and Technology Park, the home of innovation, is located strategically on a 57 hectares site, Plot 69184 near the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport and adjacent to the Diamond Training Centre (DTC) in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana and the centre of the country’s business activity. Over 50% of the country’s population live in and around Gaborone. The facility will provide an attractive location for technology driven and knowledge intensive business to develop and compete in the global market. The focal point of the Hub will be to provide state-of-the art facilities to attract domestic, regional and global companies to locate business and research and development activities within the Park, and promote technology based innovation and entrepreneurship. It is anticipated that such development and innovation will lead to downstream job creation in manufacturing and services enterprise which emerge through technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Botswana Innovation Hub science park is provided with high quality road infrastructure, street lighting, and power and ICT connectivity. In addition to the facilities, Botswana Innovation Hub offers Special Incentives to companies and institutions that are registered with it. These include a 15% corporate tax, flexibility in importing labour, a competitive Telecommunications package and eligibility to the Innovation Fund.
Successful applications will then be granted a Botswana Innovation Hub Certificate signed by the Minister of Infrastructure, Science and Technology

Strategic Intent

• Innovation
• Integrity
• Openness
• Collaboration
• Excellence

If you would like to be a part of The Botswana Innovation Hub and join this dynamic and exciting company please keep up to date with this page too view new opportunities!

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